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Table of contents

Multiple editions
Customers should be aware that books may appear in multiple editions, e.g. different formats (hardcover, paperback, audio), different revisions numbers and different publication dates, in different country versions. Customers should also be aware that certain titles may also be available in abridged or 'study note' format.

Privacy Ltd. fully supports the efforts of the Hong Kong Government and other organisations in Hong Kong and worldwide to protect personal privacy, both in general and on the Internet in particular.

More important perhaps is that we value our customers and that means respecting their privacy. We would not want your buying from us to result in your receiving annoying and instrusive communications either from us or from third-parties.

Therefore, information submitted to Ltd. as part of a membership application or as part of a purchase order will not be released to third-parties (defined as entities outside the Image Alpha (Holdings) Limited group), except when purchases are made under a joint programme with an outside firm. All such cases will be clearly identified on the page in question.

Information may be used by Ltd. and companies of the Image Alpha (Holding) Limited group to assist in identifying new products and services that may be of interest to our customers and to inform customers and members of books and author-related events, products and services.

Territory, prices and payment
Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in HK$ and terms and conditions only apply to deliveries in the HK SAR. Ltd. is committed to providing books at publishers' list prices, subject only to conversion to HK$. Prices may be rounded for convenience. The exchange rate used for the US$ is 8. The exchange rate used for the British Pound will be close to the prevailing exchange rates, but might be slightly higher to protect against short-term currency fluctuations. The same policy applies likewise to Australian books.

Certain books may incur 'special order' or 'heavy book' surcharges. These will be clearly marked.

For products other than books, we shall endeavour to offer prices that are the 'recommended retail price' if one exists.

Payment in currencies other than HK$ will not generally be accepted. Buyers outside Hong Kong who wish to be billed in a currency other than HK$ should place the order and note the currency in which they wish to pay and if acceptable, we will issue the invoice. Currencies generally acceptable will be US$, Canadian $, Singapore $, Euros and British Pounds. Exchange rates will be set at our discretion and a service fee may be added to cover exchange and transaction costs.

Customers outside Hong Kong may pay by credit card or bank draft (in HK$ unless otherwise agreed). Customers who wish to pay by TT should indicate on the order form (use "payment by check") that they wish to pay by TT and we will issue an invoice. When paying by TT, please ensure that we receive the full amount of the invoice (all bank charges should be on the sender's account).

In order to protect our customers as well as ourselves, all orders are subject to acceptance. We will in particular take care that large orders and credit card orders are legitimate. For the purposes of the discussion that follow, the date of order is the day that payment clears.

Unless otherwise explicitly specified and agreed, all transactions are billed in HK$.

Orders are considered valid even if payment has not yet been received. Customers who wish to cancel their orders should inform us in writing as soon as possible. Once the order has been entered and submitted to our suppliers, the order cannot be cancelled. Orders will be considered as 'returns' once we have processed your order and there will be a handling fee of 25% of the order value with a minimum of HK$10 per item.

The date of delivery is taken to be the day we deliver the books to Hongkong Post. We will endeavour to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Deliveries can normally be expected within 2-4 weeks. Items that will take more than 4 weeks are generally explicitly identified in the product description. You may also be notified by email if delivery is to take more than 2-4 weeks as stated. For items that were not identified as possibly taking 4 weeks but were not delivered within the 2-4 week period, customers could elect to cancel their order for these items and be given a full refund for those items. (If the final total after the cancellation of items is below our minimum order value for free delivery, we may charge a delivery charge for the order).

For most deliveries, the Post Office will deliver the package and we cannot contact customers prior to the delivery since we do not have any control over the time that the Post Office delivery takes place. For some special cases, we may elect to use another delivery service. For these special cases, we may need to ensure that there will be people at the delivery location receiving the delivery.

Paddyfield will deliver to most countries and territories subject to acceptance and subject to additional shipping charges. Customers are responsible for any tax and customs duties and regulations that may apply.

Product IDs marked # may experience delivery times greater than 4 weeks. All items in the order will be delivered together, so you might prefer to place late delivery items in a separate order.

Books that arrive damaged or incorrect can be replaced at no extra charge if returned within fourteen (14) days of delivery in the original packing along with the order/receipt.

If the customer has chosen a wrong item and wishes to return the book or exchange for a different one. There will be a handling fee of 25% of the list price of the item with a minimum of HK$10 per item. In general, returns will not be accepted for multiple copies of a book. Ltd. would be happy to verify the details of any particular version selected by the customer and provide additional information where possible to allow the customer to make the correct choice of version for the title.

Returns or exchanges have to be initiated by sending us a email request and the return or exchange has to be sent undamaged to us along with a copy of the order/receipt to the following address.

Unit 1506-7, 15/F, Pacific Plaza,
418 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong
Tel. 25114211, Fax 25073335

Membership and BookBucks
Being a Paddyfield member carries many benefits, which may include the ability to earn BookBucks (TM), receive substantial discounts on new books, bestsellers and special offers. Please see the members page for additional details.

Please note that Bookbucks awarded to members are not transferable, and for reasons of security (i.e. to ensure no improper use of BookBucks), we will only ship BookBuck orders to the address given on the membership form. BookBucks may however be used to purchase gift certificates.

BookBucks are only awarded for online purchases placed by the customer directly and are not awarded for purchases via an affiliate or partner page or for purchases under another programme (for example, purchases as part of a school book programme). Orders placed using catalogues and telephone orders will not be awarded bookbucks. Only prepaid orders will be awarded bookbucks (i.e. invoiced orders will not be eligible). If amendments are made to orders that affect the awarding of bookbucks, we reserve the right to change the bookbucks awarded for the said order.

BookBucks are a bonus issued and accepted at the sole discretion of Ltd. and do not form part of any sales and purchase agreement between Ltd. and the customer. Paddyfield reserves the right to modify or cancel the conditions of the programme at any time. BookBucks may not be converted to cash.

Expiration of BookBucks, credit and gift certificates
Unless otherwise stated, all BookBucks and credits expire if not used within six (6) months of being issued;

Gift Certificates purchased by cash, cheque or credit card are valid for twelve (12) months from the date of issue;

Bookclub bonus Gift Certificates (as part of School Bookclub programmes) are valid for six (6) months from the date of issue.

Our liabilities will be limited to the cost of the book(s) or other item(s) ordered.

The Paddyfield site will work even if you disable cookies in your brower. In this case, your 'session' (and your shopping cart' will expire when you leave the Paddyfield site. If you wish the Paddyfield site to 'remember' your shopping cart, then you should enable cookies. The cookie placed by Paddyfield is only use for 'session control', to allow the system to 'remember' your shopping cart should you not complete your purchase. The cookie is not used to track purchases or to collect information.

Transaction security
Credit card information is handled under secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. If you have any questions about security, please feel free to contact us.

Terms & conditions Ltd. shall endeavour to meet customers' special requests (placed in the 'comments' field of the order or elsewhere). However, no such comments or requests shall be interpreted as binding terms and conditions, nor is Ltd. required to seek customer approval should it be unable to meet these special requests. Ltd.'s acceptance of an order containing such comments or requests shall not be interpreted as Ltd.'s acceptance of these comments or requests unless explicity agreed to by Ltd. in writing.

8 February 2003. Subject to change without notice.

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